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I'm Sorry... What?

Woman in red holding rotary phone

Can you hear me? I can't hear you... What was that you just said?

Do these questions sound familiar to you? Maybe it's time to have your hearing checked. Here at Space City Audiology, we will perform a complete hearing test. This means that we will assess your outer, middle, and inner ear function. Some of the tests you can expect during your first hearing test include:

  • Otoscopy - This involves looking in your ears and inspecting your outer ear canal and ear drum

  • Tympanometry - During this test, you will feel a little bit of pressure, but that's normal! I will be checking you middle ear function. Sometimes, hearing loss is caused by a malfunctioning middle ear or ear infection. If this test is abnormal, it will be recommended that you seek further medical evaluation, preferably by an ear, nose, and throat physician (otolaryngologist).

  • Acoustic Reflexes and Reflex Decay - You will hear numerous loud beeps during this test, but you will not need to respond. This test is checking the function of a particular reflex found in your ear. This reflex responds to loud sounds. Whenever someone has a significant amount of hearing loss, these reflexes are typically obtained at higher than normal levels or absent altogether.

  • Speech Understanding Testing (Speech recognition testing, word recognition testing, and speech in noise testing) - For this test, you will be inside of our sound booth and fitted with either insert earbuds or headphones. You will hear various words and sentences and will be asked to repeat them back to the best of your ability. For speech recognition testing, the words will get softer and softer, so don't panic when the words reach a point that you cannot understand them! That is part of the test.

  • Pure Tone Audiometry (air and bone conduction testing) - Now, comes the infamous beeps! This part of the testing is what is typically imagined when someone mentions having his/her hearing tested. During this section of testing, you will be asked to respond every time you hear beeps. This test is used to determine the softest sounds you are able to detect at various pitches within the typical frequency range of speech (250Hz - 8000Hz).

After this testing, we will discuss the results and any possible treatment options, if applicable. DID YOU KNOW? If you have hearing loss, it is recommended that your hearing be re-checked every year to keep an eye on it.

Don't settle for sub-par hearing testing. Have your hearing health properly assessed.

Give us a call or schedule an appointment online. I am here to help you live better, through your ears.

Dr. Jasmin Auzenne


Your destination for hearing healthcare


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