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Cochlear Implant Evaluations

Part One:  Verification of current hearing aid fitting (must currently wear hearing aids)

Part Two:  Comprehensive speech testing and cochlear implant journey counseling


Cochlear Implant Mapping

Adult CI recipients can begin receiving mapping services at a location close to home


Space City Audiology provides cochlear implant candidate testing and counseling.  Cochlear implant evaluations involve verification of your current hearing aid fitting, extensive speech testing, and detailed counseling.  If you are found to be a cochlear implant candidate from an audiologic perspective, you will then be sent to a local surgeon for further evaluation and preparation.  If and when you are cleared by the cochlear implant surgeon, you will be scheduled for several pre-operative tests such as VNG (vestibular/balance) testing, and an MRI and/or CT scan.  Since the surgery is considered an outpatient surgery, individuals are usually cleared to return home on the same day as the surgery. 


Deciding to pursue cochlear implants is more of a journey rather than a quick destination. Space City Audiology is here to help you along this journey.


While getting a cochlear implant is a major decision that requires motivation from both the patient and his/her family members, the results are often worth the time and effort if hearing aids are not meeting your needs.  Once a patient has been cleared by the CI surgeon at the post-operative visit, he/she will be scheduled for the initial activation and programming (mapping) of the cochlear implant.  This is the beginning of the rehabilitative journey.  The greatest results may not be seen until after about one year post-implantation.  Progress will not likely be experienced overnight.  Progress will take time.

Convenience. Quality. Personalized Care.


Space City Audiology is located in Southeast Houston and exists to care for individuals looking to learn more about cochlear implants and those currently using cochlear implants.  Interested to learn more?  Give us a call, text, or email today to schedule an appointment to see our audiologist.

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